Hi fidelity image of power-up awarding screen.
Duolingo Summer Internship
Research, brainstorm and design experiments to increase revenue through in-app purchases.


Product, Design


May 2023 - Aug 2023

Cross-functional team

1 Designer | 1 PM | 1 Design Manager | 1 Engineer

Challenge & Growth

Tackling a very open ended problem
Working within the In-App Purchases team, I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to work on a very broad problem statement.

My summer objective was to research, brainstorm, design, and prototype ideas to increase visibility and purchase rate of in-game power-ups from outside the in-app marketplace.
Experience and Learning
The summer was all about learning how one of the most loved design teams in the world solves problems at scale. I spent my free time networking with designers, researchers, engineers, and managers from various teams to learn more about their teams and favorite parts of their job.

This internship taught me a lot about embracing ambiguity, asking the right questions, how to ship products at a scale, as well as finding and optimising for impact.


PR approval from senior leadership!
I worked with my product manager to present a detailed yet concise case for why my design proposal would work along with estimates of impact.
Pre-game lobby
Owl speak for 'Looks good to me', the design was approved for development 4 weeks ahead of schedule of my 12 week internship by the CEO Luis von Ahn himself, along with the Director of Product Management and the VP of Design.
Pre-game lobby

3. The Duo Experience

Illustration to show a coin wallet that the student can use to purchase power-ups.

First day and setting up.

Illustration to show how students can choose to keep or discard an awarded power-ups in their belt.

4th of July with Duo friends.

Illustration to show how students are provided with all power-ups at the start and they can choose which to take with them in their belt for the next question.

My desk corner on the last day :(

The final question editor.

The incredibly affable and talented monetization design team at Duolingo!

All my work during at Duolingo is under an NDA, if you have questions or would like to know more, please reach out to me personally.

Thanks for reading, talk soon! :)

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